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Some of the Basics

What is Pup & Pet Play?

At its core, Pet Play is an enchanting form of role-playing, where participants adopt the characteristics of a pet or animal, delving into captivating and inventive scenarios.

This delightful pastime allows individuals to express themselves, foster connections, and share lighthearted, spirited experiences with others. While Pet Play may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it remains a joyous and harmless activity, as long as all involved are mindful of each other’s boundaries and wishes.

What Pup & Pet Play Isn’t!

It’s essential to understand what Pet Play isn’t as well. While fun, it’s crucial to prioritize consent and ensure that all participants respect one another’s boundaries. It’s also worth noting that Pet Play is not exclusively a sexual activity, nor is it limited to any specific group or orientation – it’s an inclusive adventure that welcomes all!

Gear & Head Space

To elevate the experience, some may opt to don accessories, like a pup tail or mask, to fully immerse themselves in their chosen “headspace.” However this isn’t necessarily required to get into “head space” or to be a pet So, get ready to unleash your inner pet and join us in the enchanting realm of Pet Play!

Connecting & Finding Community

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Community at Heart

DFW PaHs is committed to the pet and pup player communities by providing safe places for them to express themselves freely while also providing education and safe environments for everyone. Support our work and Community Here

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