Common Pup Language in the Pup Play Community

Pup play dictionary of terms

Hood / Muzzle

Gear worn on the head that pups the human into the pup mindspace. Usually made out of neoprene or leather. 


Usually signifies that a pup is taken or has a handler/trainer

Mitts / Knee Pads / Paws

Padded and worn on the hands and knees to help with being on all fours.


A group of pups and handlers

Scratches / Pets

Who doesn’t like being pet and have their back scratched? *wags tail* Always ask a pup/handler before you pet them. 


“Who’s been a good boy?” Often little snacks given as a treat to pups for doing something good. 


Come as insertable or on-belt.*wags wags*


Any other toy used to play with a pup (sexual or non-sexual)

Flag / Hanky

A flag or hanky with pups, bones or paws helps get the message across that you’re into pup play (specially when not wearing a hood/muzzle). Also, certain colors may mean different things.  


When a whole group of puppies get together and play. 


A loving tap on a pups nose.

Pups / Puppy

Someone who identifies with that headspace. They are more about the canine head space than the physical, though physical aspects may and do come into it as well.

Dog / Doggio

Someone who identifies more with the obedient side and less playful side. 

Dogboy Puppyboy

Someone who identifies as both a puppy and as a boy. A boy is someone who is a bit more submissive. 


Are the more dominating pups. They will pose themselves as pack leaders, but will often also look after the pups in their pack.


Any pup who is submissive to their Alpha


The most submissive role in a pack structure

Stray / Uncollared

A pup who is not wearing a collar


Someone who is into very intense play, and they are pretty much owned by their handler. 


Someone who was or is in the military.


Is into grungeplay. 

Service dog

Someone who is looking to make others very happy with their service. 


Anyone the takes care of a pup. The one holding the leash or controls the pup. 


Someone who takes in puppies and trains them.

Master / Mistress

Someone generally very dominant. 

Daddy / Mommy

It’s more of a family and loving relationship.